Home Furnishing Distribution

Distribution Software Base Package

Our distribution software has been used by over 50 companies ranging in sales from $100,000 to $25,000,000. Our base package handles:

  • Sales Orders, Reserves, and Quotes
  • Customer Service
  • Invoicing
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Commissions
  • Sales Reporting
  • Inventory by Warehouse, Lot and Piece
  • Mill Purchase Order Entry
  • Sales Tax Calculation and Reporting
  • Month-End processing
  • File Maintenance
  • Document Imaging Module – Go paperless
  • Email individual Notifications, Invoices, A/R Statements and Mill Purchase orders
  • Community Upgrades at no charge

Distribution Software Options

Email Queue Module

Email notifications, invoices and A/R statements to customers and sales reps/showrooms. This module creates queues for notifications, invoices and A/R Statements. The queues can be emailed at any time. Emailed Notifications and Invoices with sales tax include a filled out Resale Certificate. Notifications and invoices that have a balance due include your credit card application.

  • Email order status reports to reps
  • Email reserves to be canceled to reps
  • Email tracking numbers to customers and reps.
  • Email mills a Ship Date Confirmation report.

Multi Currency Sales/Unit of Measure Feature

  • Create price files in multiple currencies (ex. Dollars, Euros, British pounds)
  • Input sales orders, reserves, and quotes in multiple currencies and units of measure.
  • Inquire inventory by multiple units/measure

Barcoded Manifest System Interface

Populate UPS and FedEx forms with the ship to name, address and side marks by scanning a barcode. Pull tracking numbers from your shipping system into shipped orders.

Mill Cut Yardage Module

If you order fabric from mills by cuts instead of by the bolt, this module lets the sales order double as a Mill Purchase Order, eliminating the need to issue purchase orders and receive inventory. Examples of companies are Jim Thompson, Dedar and Arnitex.

Mill Cut Yardage Shipping Interface

Exchange Harmonized Code and order data with the Mill and Shippers (UPS, Fed EX and DHL) computer. Orders are cleared in the air and delivered in a more timely manner.

Memo Sample Module

Enter memo samples from showrooms/reps and customers. Many showrooms input their own replenishment and customer direct memo samples which saves your staff time and eliminates incorrect data entry. This module includes sample inventory, backorder processing and sample usage reports.

General Ledger Postings Export

Create a CSV File of General Ledger postings for Sales, Cost of Sales, Inventory and Accounts Receivable for import into third-party General Ledger (ex. QuickBooks, Peachtree, Accpac, etc).

Sample Book Placement Module

This module is for road reps to record drop off and pickups of sample books.
Management can use this module to view book placements and customer sales

Web Site API – From PDF Cloud Server to Your Web Site

This API sends data to your web site, allowing users to:

  • Verify that new registrants have accounts with your company
  • Send your web site product data (ex. descriptive and pricing)
  • Send your web site inventory data
  • Calculate freight and send to your web site.
  • Calculate sales tax and send to your web site
  • Send open, shipped, cancelled orders and quotes to your web sites
  • Send your web site open invoices for the purpose of creating an A/R Statement

Web Site API – From Your Web Site to PDF Cloud Server

This API receives data from your web site, allowing users to:

  • Receive new orders/reserves/quotes from your web site and allocated inventory
  • Edit orders, reserves and quotes entered on your web site.
  • Change customer address info edited on your web site in PDF.
  • Add/edit customer email addresses from your web site


There are numerous factors that determine the cost of PDF’s Distribution Software.
Please contact us (609-750-9881 or support@pdfsystems.com) for a quote.