Mobile Apps

Carpet & Rug Sample Checkout

This app allows users to check out carpet and rug wing samples. For carpet and rug samples, the memo sample and the wing sample are one and the same. Unlike fabric memo samples, showrooms typically receive one carpet/rug sample per SKU. If a designer does not return the sample, the distributor will often charge the showroom for a replacement. Taking advantage of the extensive Order-Track customer database, barcode technology, and an iPod equipped with a barcode scanner, our app makes checking out carpet samples easy and fast. When the sample is returned, a clerk scans the barcode and the designer is credited for the return.

Showrooms can search for unreturned samples by customer and item number. Email reminders can be generated for overdue samples.

Cost – $150/month per showroom

Request Memo Samples From Scanning Wings

This is an app designed for showrooms. The app can be used by designers to order memo samples from the showroom library. Using an iPod with a barcode scanner, the designer identifies their account and scans the barcoded label on the Sample Wing. Upon completion, an order prints in the Sample Library where it is filled by the Sample Librarian. Memo Samples that are not in stock can be turned into an order with the manufacturer with a single mouse click. The order to the manufacturer includes the designer’s name, address, and requested samples.

Cost – $125/month per showroom

Showroom Library Replenishment

This module allows individuals to order replenishment samples with an iPod and an attached barcode scanner. While taking inventory of sample library racks users can easily put in requests for more samples by scanning the barcode on the outside of the boxes. After scanning, replenishment orders are created and emailed to the appropriate distributor(s).

Cost – $125/month per showroom