Multi-Line Showroom

Web Multi-Line Showroom

Web Multi-Line Showroom is a cloud-based application that provides multi-line showrooms and sales reps the ability to manage their day-to-day operations. Because Web-Multi Line Showroom is tightly integrated with Order-Track, the Order/Quote Entry program queries your distributor’s product files to ensure accurate pricing of both product and shipping charges. Distributors who do not belong to Order-Track can send PDF Systems an Excel spreadsheet of their product file whenever prices change or new product is added. We will upload the current product file to Order-Track at no charge. We will also input and configure their freight chart so shipping charges can be automatically calculated. For distributors who cannot provide an Excel spreadsheet of their products, your staff must manually input the product name and price as the order/quote is entered.


  • Enter and edit reserves, quotes, and orders
  • Automatic freight calculations
  • Calculate and apply Cut Charge if minimum not met
  • Calculate charge for orders paid by Credit Card (3%, 4%, …)
  • Accept payments from Credit Card merchants when showroom invoices the customer
  • Email new and updated orders/quotes to customers, distributors and specifiers
  • Scan and attach Credit Card forms and Resale Certificates to customer emails
  • Scan and attach copies of checks, filled out credit card form and resale certificates to distributors
  • History of all sent emails
  • History of all releases (proforma, CFA, shipping address, etc)
  • Convert a quote and reserve to an order with a single click of your mouse.
  • Copy previous orders/quotes to new orders and quotes
  • Email reminders
  • Print Commission Due reports
  • Apply Commissions
  • Print Commission Paid Reports


  • Extensive Sales Reports by customer, distributor, product, sales rep and territory
  • Issue Purchase orders, Invoice customers for Buy/Sell lines
  • Compare showroom order to distributor’s order for lines that participate in Order-Track
  • For Order-Track Distributors, automatic import of distributor’s order number, ship to address and tracking numbers. Highlight differences between your order/reserve and the distributor’s order/reserve
  • Buy/Sell Lines programs include
    • Invoicing
    • Cash Receipts
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Purchase Orders
    • Costing
    • Sales Tax Reports

Community Upgrades at no charge

Quickbooks Online Interface

This interface communicates with your QuickBooks Online system with each transaction, payment recording, and commission processing; providing the following information to QuickBooks Online:

  • Customer account information
  • Line/Vendor information
  • Customer Invoicing
  • Customer payments
  • Line/Vendor commission receipts