Order-Track Basic

Order-Track is a web application that connects Home Furnishings Distributors with their showrooms and sales reps. Historically, showrooms could only follow up on customer orders by phone, email or fax to the distributor or by installing a proprietary interface to the distributor’s database. Order-Track revolutionized remote customer support by providing a single, industry-standard web interface to a centralized database.

Participating distributors post reserves, sales orders, product information, freight, inventory stock status and customer data to the Order-Track database.

Distributors have a master username and password to view the same information listed above across all of their showrooms. Distributors will typically upload their data at least once per day and often every 2 hours. For distributors that subscribe to Web Distribution, Order-Track information is real-time.

Order-Track Basic is a subscription service paid for by the Manufacturer. Order-Track Basic is free of charge to showrooms and road reps. Order-Track Inventory is an independent feature that may be purchased separately from Order-Track.

Order Track Inventory

Participating distributors post their Inventory and Mill Purchase Orders to Order-Track. Distributors upload their inventory at least once per day and often every hour.

Order-Tack Inventory is a subscription service paid for by the MFG. There is no cost to the showroom/rep to view a distributor’s inventory.

Sample Checkout from the Showroom Library

This module is designed for the sample clerk to check out memo samples from the showroom library.

This module is paid for by the showroom. The subscription cost covers all of the showrooms Lines.

Order Track Sample Replenishment and Sample Orders for Showrooms

This module is used by showrooms to order memo sample replenishments for their library and to place orders to the distributor when a memo is requested by a designer and is not in stock. The program allows for a sample order to be entered with items for multiple distributors. Order-Track will email each of the sample order(s) to the distributor’s sample department. Sample Orders can even be entered for distributors who do not participate in Order-Track.

There is functionality for road reps to create sample kits/bags to more easily place sample requests generated on the road.

This module is paid for by the showroom. The subscription cost covers all of the showrooms Lines.

Order Track Sample Processing for Distributors

This module is used by Distributors to print Picking Tickets for sample requests form their showrooms/reps. Once the samples are picked, the items on the order are confirmed as Shipped, Backordered or Will Not Ship. Once confirmed, the showroom that made the request can view the order status. As part of the confirmation process the designer and showroom are emailed a confirmation acknowledgement.
Other features of this module are:

  • Flag duplicate sample requests
  • Produce sample usage reports
  • Generate sample activity reports by customer, item and sales rep
  • Provide the ability to enter faxed or emailed sample requests from showrooms/reps who do not use the sample processing module
  • There is an option to keep warehouse sample inventory

This module is free to distributors who subscribe to Order-Track Basic.