Our motto has always been “Make it easy for your customers to do business with you.” Our systems are designed to give Home Furnishings companies a customer service advantage. We have accomplished this by designing our software to be the most efficient and easy to use in the industry.

Offering excellent products is key to gaining a foothold in the home furnishings industry, but does not guarantee success. Even the very best vendors will lose sales to competitors if customer service is not prioritized. Failing to issue cuttings, mismatching dye lots, misapplying payments, having unknown/incorrect stock/order statuses can all lead decorators to shop elsewhere. We have designed our software with the belief that quick, efficient and accurate customer service provides a distinct competitive advantage. It’s a competitive advantage that gives our end users more time to do what they do best – design and market their product. Using our applications will make customer service issues a thing of the past.